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Our Services

Application Development

We provide out-of-the-box solutions based on the customers’ requirements and per-hour consulting services. Flexibility in negotiations by meeting the clients’ needs and wants. Additionally, we can finish a project started by other development teams. Our team specializes in the following solutions:

  • Websites and portals
  • Server-side solutions
  • Big data projects
  • Mobile applications
  • Intranet management systems

Quality Assurance
We are aimed to provide quality. That’s why we have the QA department. We can offer QA services for the applications developed by our team as well as for the 3rd party applications.

Other than that we offer free quality assurance services that you can benefit from on out QA.MD portal.

Management Services

Our project leaders can offer professional management solutions for your projects. If you have a development team, but don’t have enough experience or resources to manage it, we can help you. Also we can provide you courses for training your management skills.

Support/Maintenance Services

Application developed and installed, what’s next? We are glad to provide you with the technical maintenance and support on monthly or annual basis. You have a project developed by others, but do not want to work with them anymore? No problem, we can support it as well.

Project Documentation Elaboration
 We offer business proposals and elaboration of technical requirements for our clients.  Correct and professionally composed technical requirements will save a lot of time during the project development process. We offer project documentation elaboration services, for the applications ,developed by our team as well as for the 3rd party applications.


Database design

Our specialists provide services from system architecture design to the creation of the database itself. The main DBMS we work with are: MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL.