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FusionWorks sponsors Open Data Innovation Challenge

This hackathon, called the Open Innovation Challenge “Apps for Moldova”,which took place 18-21 may 2012, was the culmination of Innovation Week, which was designed to engage the private sector and civil society in the launch of this National Action Plan. Putting on this event w

Development Team at Work

as truly a multi-lateral effort, including the e-Government Center and the World Bank along with local non-profits, developer organizations, and private sector companies. 85 participants set to work almost immediately within impressive, self-organized team structures to produce 18 functional apps.

Prizes were awarded to teams in part based on the perceived sustainability of the app and the implementation plan. The prizes were provided by the Fusionworks , e-Government Center, MoldCell, and Endava (local companies) and while some were traditional give-aways (iPads, 3G modems, relevant books…), most were truly innovative and designed to encourage the long-term sustainability of the projects and the developers. These included:

  • $5000 service delivery contracts with the government of Moldova for completion of the app.
  • Employment and internship opportunities with some of the biggest companies in the country.
  • Workspace including all of the required office amenities.
List of all projects that participated in “Apps for Moldova” and photoreport  you can find here: opendata.md