+373 (69) 210 189 | info@fusionworks.md


FusionWorks  team consists of over 50 IT specialists with the average age being between 25-27 years. The majority of them have 5+ year experience in the field.




Anton Perkin

CEO and co-founder

Anton is CEO and co-founder at FusionWorks. Anton has 13 years of experience as a web-programmer, system architect and project manager. The projects he developed and took place are used in healthcare, government, education, real estate, journalism,  entertainment and sport  in Moldova, EU and USA.

Anton is the President of  the Association of IT specialists of Moldova (ITA) which represent interests of Moldovan IT professionals. Also he is the founder of the DeveloperMD Community – a fast growing group of developers, QA engineers, designers and system architects.


Ganebnii Ghennadii

CEO and co-founder

Ghennadii is CEO and co-founder at FusionWorks and vice-president of the Association of IT specialists of Moldova (ITA).  He has 17 years’ experience in IT field and 13 years’ experience in JAVA development. Genadii is keen on back-end development and enterprise solutions.

As a social active person, Genadii organized Java courses at the Moldavian State University. Involved in tutoring students and helping them to develop and become IT professionals.

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