iOS Developer Internship

iOS Developer

Join our amazing team!
What you should know before we start:
  • basic knowledge of Obj C or Swift
  • basic knowledge of HTTP requests
  • basic knowledge of SQL
  • basic understanding of app testing is a plus
What you should have before we start:
  • MacBook Pro not earlier than 2011
  • El Capitan
  • XCode installed
  • All libs and simulators installed (7+)
  • Command tools installed

Test task to be completed

Create simple calculator (use autolayout):

  1. Take as example calculator you have in your phone.
  2. Create few number pads and switch between them with gestures
  3. Create greeting screen, where user will enter his name each time apps is opened
  4. There should be calc history (user_name, number of buttons tapped, entered data, result of calculation). Use raw sql or any wrapper you like.
  5. When user makes a mistake show snack bar with mistake
  6. Translate app in two languages.
  7. Use resources for all values.
  8. App should work fine in both layouts


  1. Cover with unit tests all methods there will be
  2. Draw a diagram with current most popular math operations in calc app
  3. Use Facebook to share your calc formulas and result
  4. Get user location to change app color scheme depending on the day time.
  5. When user will get result ’32’ make a front cam photo.
  6. Clear input view with shake.
  7. Vibrate if app is in front and input view is empty for 3 sec from app start.
  8. Add possibility to change app language in the app.