PHP Developer Internship

PHP Developer

Join our amazing team!
What you should know before we start:
  • basic knowledge of PHP 7
  • basic knowledge of OOP
  • basic knowledge of MVC
  • basic knowledge of SQL
What you should have before we start:
  • PHP IDE installed
  • Local web server installed (Apache, PHP, MySQL)
  • Symfony or Laravel framework installed

Test task to be completed

  1. Create login form (email, password) with the basic validation (valid email; password between 4 and 20 characters containing only letters, numbers and ‘_’).
  2. On success login (with the hardcoded server-side authentication) show the success page.
  3. On fail show the corresponding message on the login page (the email entered should stay on the page).
  4. Upload the web pages to any publicly available hosting so that we can test it.


Technologies that should be used:

  • Symfony or Laravel framework
  • Bootstrap or Foundation
  • jQuery