Android developer

Seniority level
Employment type
  • Senior: $2000+
  • Requirements:

    • 4+ years experience with Java
    • Java and Kotlin
    • Solid understanding of Android application life cycle
    • Proficient in fundamentals of object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem-solving, and complexity analysis
    • Strong understanding of Android SDK, Design, & Development paradigms
    • Strong understanding of web services, HTTP protocol, and service-oriented architecture
    • Develop, implement, and unit test systems and components of mobile applications
    • Maintain, support, troubleshoot, monitor, and optimize existing and future mobile applications
    • Strong comprehension of MVC and /or MVVM design patterns
    • Knowledge of GIT
    • Knowledge of Android Jetpack
    • Experience with Unity3D is a plus.

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    Benefits and perks

    • Mobile Internet and conversations: 11GB of Internet + 300 minutes per month
    • Loyalty bonus: money bonus worth 1 working day per each year worked in the company.
    • Food & transport bonus: 50MDL per day worked in the office.
    • Education: free professional online courses and certifications
    • Extended medical insurance. Be compensated for additional health related expenses.
    • Fresh fruits, yogurts, milk and pizza deliveries throughout the week. Tasty coffee 24/7.
    • Electric transport for daily usage for personal trips.
    • English courses two times a week, bonuses for fitness, football games.
    • Visit local IT conferences for free and travel opportunities to EU and USA.
    • Regular team building at least twice per year