Food and drinks delivery service from restaurants and grocery stores all over the country. The project ecosystem includes:

  • website (desktop and mobile)
  • mobile apps (Android, iOS)
  • mobile app for couriers
  • mobile and web apps for restaurants
  • web administration panel


Seconds to order, minutes to deliver.


Use technology and passion to make food delivery a pleasant, but quick journey.


For the past 5 years, the market for food delivery apps has seen wild growth around the world. We wanted to create a service that would allow people to order foods from restaurants first but as we progress through, people would be able to order other things like medication from pharmacies, pet foods, pet supplies, nutritional supplements, wine, and other types of alcoholic beverages. Here in Moldova at the beginning of 2020, we had two competitors. They both operate for more than 5 years. The user interface of their websites was cluttered and outdated, the user flow had too many unnecessary steps to go through, most of the time you would not be able to pay online with your credit card. Ordering as a group is not even an option, you can’t just invite people to a group where they can add their desired items and check their ready status, you have to ask each and everyone about what they want and manually add it to your shopping cart which is. Also, a common frustration of the user comes from inaccurate delivery times and the lack of feedback about the delivery stages and their progress.


Website and apps – After defining the core problems that have to be solved, we started designing the wireframes and low fidelity prototypes that were then tested with users and got more and more polished as we got more feedback from them. We decided to design the homepage with a stronger focus on the contents of the restaurants instead of their brand, allowing other restaurants to shine with the exclusivity of their content (foods). The checkout page was designed in a way that allows you to save almost all your settings which creates a faster and less repetitive way for user journey the next time you order. The users can track the order while it is being delivered, also the user will be able to see the courier on the map in real-time (work in progress). 95% of the restaurants support online payment. The group order feature is currently in the prototyping phase, but once it is delivered customers will be able to easily share a group card throw in the desired products and then the admin of the group will complete the checkout process. This feature is especially useful for teams that order food in the office, now it is going to be easier and more efficient. One more feature that would make us stand out from the competition would be the possibility of ordering from a couple of restaurants at once, this is a challenging task but we think we will eventually tackle this problem.

Restaurant app – During the design process we strove for a clean and focused user interface, what we mean by that is that people should have access to the certain features and processes that they need right now and not worry about stuff that they are not in charge of. Also during research and testing we encountered a lot of issues with regards to human errors. For instance a person would close the restaurant for a day or two and forgot to open it when he intended. Issues related to human errors were quickly fixed with means of good UI design so the person mentioned above when closing the restaurant would have to set a time at which the restaurant would open again. Also sound design was an important thing to cover because people in the restaurant are always in a rush so you need to make them aware and force into engaging with the UI even if away from the device.

Website: ifood.md
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Tech Stack: Angular, Flutter, MongoDB, Node.js, React