Our Services

What Can We Do For You
Development We are developing the most amazing and technically perfect software you can imagine. Clean code, security, and performance are our fundamental values.
Dedicated teams We offer great dedicated teams who speak your language and accommodate your business hours. They will be “your precious” (in terms of professionalism, not money).
UX/UI Design Clean, attractive, simple. This is everything you should know about what our cool designers produce.
Management Even the best team should be managed. We know how to speak to developers the right language.
Testing No one loves bugs. Neither do we. Our brave QA engineers always find them and kill with the power of developers.
It consultancy Need to evaluate a project, find the optimal solution or just talk on hot IT topics? We are here for a cup of coffee. Or tea. You decide.


Areas we are good at
Real Estate
Virtual Reality
Human resources

Technologies we use

We love them
PHP Symfony, Laravel, WordPress
iOS, Android Swift, Objective C, Java, Kotlin
DevOps Zero-touch automations, AWS, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins
JAVA / Scala Hadoop, Spark, Spring
Ruby Ruby on Rails
Advanced JavaScript VueJS, React, AngularJS, NodeJS

Our pricing

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Dedicated teams Ideal for long-term projects.
Best pricing option.
Per hour We offer flexible hourly rate for the projects of any complexity and duration.
Per project Together we evaluate the project and work with you based on a fixed price contract.