Full cycle product development since 2011

We’ll build your product from scratch or join the existing team at any development stage. Clean code, high-security standards, and performance are our fundamental values.

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01 Services we provide Our strong points

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Design and Branding
  • Product Management
  • Testing / QA
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Business Analysis

Web Development

We are developing the most amazing and technically perfect software you can imagine. Clean code, high-security standards, and performance are our fundamental values.

Mobile Development

We do native (Kotlin, Swift) as well as hybrid apps using Flutter, Ionic, React Native and others. We always help you to make the best choice.

Design and Branding

Clean, attractive, simple. Design is not a luxury.

Product Management

Upon request, we will assign a product manager for you to concentrate on the business or sales side of your project.

Testing / QA

No one loves bugs. Neither do we. Our brave QA engineers always find them and kill with the power of developers.

Dedicated Teams

We offer great dedicated teams who speak your language and accommodate your business hours. We are agile: developers can quickly switch between tasks and adapt to evolving project needs.

Business Analysis

We can evaluate your project, write business and technical documentation that can be used by you, your investors or development teams.

02 why FusionWorks? Reasons to work with us

  • 01
    We do full-cycle product development.
  • 02
    We are up-to-date with new technologies.
    We simply love them.
  • 03
    We offer flexible and reasonable rates.
  • 04
    We speak English. Always. Everywhere.
  • 05
    We respect your business hours and accommodate them.
  • 06
    We can travel to your location with no need for visas.
  • 07
    We can offer a dedicated Account Manager.
  • 08
    We can gather teams quickly due to the exclusive access to the local IT community.
  • 09
    We do internships and grow talents in-house.

03 facts about fusionworks What have we accomplished
during 9 years on the market?

45 Team members
68 Projects developed
46 Clients trust us
165 IT events organized

04 Values Values and culture code

Build a no-bullshit company

No Secrets, no lies, transparent, accountable, driven by facts, respectful to all. Openness in every aspect.
  • Shared understanding in everything we do

    Nobody has a monopoly on the truth. Decisions are made together and actions are reasoned on all the levels.

    Develop with passion and mind

    Passion and urgency infuse everything we do, alongside the wisdom to consider options fully and with care.

    Build quality products

    The things we do, determine who we are, and create our reputation step by step. The products we develop are the reflection of ourselves, our eternal pursuit of excellence.

    Embrace challenges

    We say interesting instead of complicated, challenging instead of impossible.
  • Be the change you seek

    On a daily basis, we strive to make our products, our people, our workplace better. Continuous improvement is a shared responsibility. Action is an independent one.

    Sharing is caring

    We share our experience – successes and failures – to help other team members learn and grow.

    Build long-term relationships

    Both our employees and clients are the people we want to work long-term. This is achieved by being open, professional and empathic.

    Learn, make impact, have fun

    We always support initiative, awareness, quality, spirit and creativity. As simple as it sounds.

05 our clients Those we have
pleasure to work with

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